"2 pisces 2 live,
2 aries 2 die"


30 years old
United States

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Jobs I Do:

voice actress
record label owner
manager of PEEK
student of the universe

Future Goals:
grow my hair past my butt, get really good at piano, live in a house with a whole wall of window, dance in the desert during a meteor shower, finish this website, release a lot of albums forever, open a coffee/bookshop with magical things and delicious breads, throw events and galleries in my shop, get some more pets (especially some chickens), become an interior designer, become a teacher, become a scientist, write a whole book and publish it, get a bicycle, live near the ocean, talk to the moon,

 kitty's Interests
music production, cannabis, spiritual growth, construction trucks, findom, practical magic, web design, beautiful rocks, pole-dancing, astrology, brains, hand-drawn animation, pictures of ppl doing stupid shit, candle-making, sociology, tarot, cooking, puppies, happiness

click here for a page full of links to pretty much everything i've ever released, including free downloads and links to all the random shit i forget to talk about.
Lmao This Code:
i wrote this code from scratch, and started by making a basic template that looks a lot like the original myspace profile.
my html/css/js knowledge is literally all from free tutorials (shout out w3schools.com) so things probably don't work exactly as they should. however, you are more than welcome to use this code however you like. if you want to link to my page, that is cool, but credit is not necessary lol

it would be very cool to see what u create with my code, so if u would like to show me your site please feel free 2 link me!!
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i'm kitty ♥ you probably know me from the internet..

most of the time, i am releasing music and working on projects for my independent record label pretty wavvy. i also work as a voice actress and soundtrack composer for videogames, and it's the coolest job in the world!!

i live in florida with my husband sam and our dogs: spaghetti is a little weird guy from the street and clover is a border collie mix. i love my siblings more than anything & my family is weird and fabulous. sam and i are in two bands together called the pom-poms and teen suicide, and we're always starting new ones just for fun.

my life has always been kind of wild and unpredictable, but the past couple of years have been the weirdest. i spend a lot of time learning about the synchronicities and systems that lie within our experience, and feel like my involvement in events is meant to be. i like to help people understand the scary things they live through and sometimes do tarot spreads and astrology readings for this. my readings aren't open right now but i always post on instagram when they are (:

allure allure


this website is a product of quarantine & writers block

sometimes when i start thinking about something, i can't stop. that is how i ended up on social media, then briefly viral, and then whatever else. it is how i became fascinated by the way we socialize virtually, and how the concept of 'online friendships' has changed since the years of myspace and xanga. before social media, it was social networking, and before that it was just fucking around on the internet until you found some people with common interests.

what i find most fascinating about the past 20 years of internet is the homogenization of our virtual selves.
before there were platforms for creating profiles, you had to create them yourself. this required a level of experience and understanding of codes and how the internet is built, and meticulously customizing webpages became an established art form. when fill-in-the-blank social networking came around, customization was the name of the game; your myspace and xanga and livejournal were an expression of your personality. the brighter the better, delight or darkness all over, whatever you were.

individuality is no longer a priority within our digital society. our personal aesthetic can be worn as a header image, a profile picture, maybe the color of our hyperlink text. these tiny pieces of flair are squished into boxes, shaved into circles, and pasted on an ergonomic voicebox to the void.

but tbh i am just sick of looking at hashtags and helvetica

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